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elcome to Odette Annable Network, your source online about the lovely American actress Odette Annable. She is best known for her various roles in film and television like 'You Again', 'The Unborn', 'Cloverfield' and Dr. Jessica Adams in the Fox medical drama series 'House MD', Aubrey Diaz in the ABC drama series 'October Road', and Samantha Arias/Reign in the latest CW superhero tv series Supergirl. We aim to bring you the latest news and photos of Odette Annable! ♥


▸ 1990 Kindergarten Cop
Role: Rosa (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 1996 Dear God
Role: Angela, Daughter (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 1996 Remembrance – Danielle Steel’s Remembrance (TV Movie)
Role: Charlotte (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2006 The Holiday
Role: Kissing Couple (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2007 Transformers
Role: Socialite (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2007 Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape – Stolen Life (TV Movie)
Role: Emma Norman (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2007 Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
Role: Reefer Girl (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2008 Cloverfield
Role: Beth McIntyre (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2009 The Unborn
Role: Casey Beldon (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2010 Operation: Endgame
Role: Temperance (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2010 Sex Group (Video)
Role: Vanessa (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2010 You Again
Role: Joanna (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2010 And Soon the Darkness
Role: Ellie (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2011 The Double
Role: Natalie Geary (as Odette Yustman)
▸ 2013 Westside (TV Movie)
Role: Sophie Nance
▸ 2017 The Truth About Lies
Role: Rachel Stone