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Posted by annablenet on abril 12, 2019

EOnline: Making peace with an old friend’s death was about the last thing Odette Annable expected to happen when she first sat down with Tyler Henry. But that’s nonetheless how the Supergirl star’s reading—alongside husband Dave Annable unfolds in this tear-jerking clip from Thursday’s new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. Just a few moments into the couple’s session, Tyler turns to Odette with a message from someone special to her who was “too young to go” when he did.

“It’s heavy, this one,” says the clairvoyant, before explaining that her friend definitely recognizes that a lot went unsaid in the time leading up to his passing. “From his perspective, he feels like he didn’t contact, didn’t reach out, didn’t basically tie the loose end there and talk to certain people. And so, people would be left wondering, ‘Well, why didn’t he reach out? Why didn’t he reach out? Why wasn’t he there? Why didn’t he communicate?'”

His message makes sense to Odette, who tells Tyler she never “got a resolve” in the aftermath of her late friend Johnny’s death, which she calls both “a shock” and “so tragic.”

“He was a really, really special part of my life,” says the actor, who affirms his death “shouldn’t have happened” the way it did. “I was never able to say goodbye and I never sent a letter that I should have sent and I have incredible guilt about that,” she admits, though the medium wisely assures her there’s no need for that.

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Posted by annablenet on abril 24, 2018

Warning: The article contains spoilers from Monday’s episode of Supergirl. Read at your own risk!


After making it through nearly an entire season being unaware of her double life, Sam finally discovered the heartbreaking truth that she’s the ruthless Worldkiller otherwise known as Reign during Monday’s episode of Supergirl.

When Sam (Odette Annable) didn’t believe that she could possibly be the bio-engineered weapon that’s been terrorizing National City, Lena was forced to push Sam to the emotional brink in order to bring out Reign, later providing video evidence to her horrified friend.

“For Sam, it’s really the fight to want to hold onto herself and to figure this out so she can be a mother to her daughter. It’s that struggle that she’s facing”, executive producer Robert Rovner says.

But Sam learning the truth is only the first step in solving her problem as Lena attempts to separate Sam from Reign in the coming episodes.

“A lot of the rest of the season deals with the Worldkillers and Reign,” Rovner says. “What we saw in one of the previous episodes is, how do you save the world when saving the world means [hurting] your friend, because Sam and Reign are inextricably linked, so they’re working hard to keep everybody safe and find a solution to that, which will take them in very exciting different directions.”

As we saw during Monday’s episode, Lena is keeping Sam’s secret for now, even from James.

“What we’re exploring is trust as opposed to secrets. With the James and Lena relationship, it’s really about the growing trust and respect for one another, and getting them to a closer place. She’s keeping secrets from a lot of people, and if I’m going to tease anything, those secrets from the other people she’s keeping will become a bigger issue”, Rovner says.

For instance, those secrets include how Lena is keeping this from Kara — oh, and also Supergirl, since she thinks they’re two different people.

“One of the things we really wanted to explore is that dichotomy,” Rovner says. “Lena has a different relationship with Kara than she has with Supergirl, so the secrets will impact those relationships differently. It’s something that Kara will struggle with.”

But containing Reign will be no easy feat, as Lena may come to learn the hard way.

“It becomes an issue between them that they do struggle with. What I think is remarkable about the characters is that even when there is conflict between them, it’s their ability to work through that. They’re always supporting one another even when they’re in conflict. They’ll go through a complex journey together”, Rovner says.

Sam’s reveal paralleled the hour’s other emotional story, as J’onn’s  ailing father M’yrnn  inadvertently caused an aggressive breakout at the DEO while trying to shift his memories to healthier parts of her dementia-addled brain. “This episode was about denial and acceptance and facing something you don’t want to face about yourself,” Rovner points out.

“You see it manifested in similar ways in the anger that came out in M’rynn that he was suppressing.”

Rovner continues: “For Sam, it was really being angry at Lena because she didn’t want to face what was happening. It took her seeing herself and seeing that other side of her, holding up that mirror, to make her finally understand. For M’rynn, finally seeing what’s happening and being cognizant of that, that he needs to accept the help of his son, was his epiphany.

M’rynn’s journey will prove especially difficult for J’onn, who only just recently reunited with his father.

“A lot of us in the writers’ room had dealt with dementia in our home lives, and we wanted to make this story very relatable, so M’yrnn will be facing a lot of circumstances that a lot of children and their parents go through in this journey together,” Rovner says. “One of the things that I think is beautiful in the story of J’onn and M’yrnn is through the process of the rest of the season, M’rynn and the way he copes with this will have a profound effect on J’onn. Even though their time together will be shorter than they had hoped it would be, it will forever change both of their lives and their perspectives on things.”

Elsewhere in the hour, Kara also dealt with denial, lashing out at Mon-El when M’rynn accidentally unleashed his emotions on the DEO.

“It parallels what Kara was going through where she also was in denial about her relationship with Mon-El, and it was something that she had to face in this episode as well, that their love story wasn’t as perfect as she had romanticized it to be,” Rovner says. “We all felt it was important for Kara to really get everything off her chest to move forward with a new friendship with a clean slate.”

But Kara has larger problems to deal with as the third Worldkiller, Pestilence, made her presence known in the closing moments of the hour — birds quite literally dropped dead from the sky as Mon-El and Kara flew through National City.

“They’re looking for each other,” Rovner says of the Worldkillers, coy to tease what havoc their combined powers may cause. “The only thing that I can say to that is that they’ll find strength with one another that will make them stronger together than they are separately.”


Posted by annablenet on março 03, 2018

In its third season, “Supergirl” has proven the value in getting to know who a character is and what might make them become a villain.

Rather than having having a powerful new threat just pop up in National City, the season has devoted nearly as much screen time chronicling Samantha “Sam” Arias’ (Odette Annable) journey to becoming the Worldkiller Reign as Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) gets herself.

. “From the very beginning, I said even at Comic-Con, this is the first time we’re seeing the origin of the villain. I didn’t just show up and start killing people, and that isn’t even what Reign is about. She’s not coming in to go on a rampage. She’s very specific, and dispenses her justice in a way that she sees fit. I think that the slow burn, and seeing Sam’s life and how they wove her into the lives of other characters on the show makes for a great story.” Annable tells Variety.

Sam doesn’t know that she is Reign, but she has realized that there’s something wrong with her. Here, Annable teases the two sides to her character, who might find out the truth about Sam before she even does, and how close she is to domination.

Has what initially interested you about playing Reign changed over the course of the season?

It hasn’t actually. The reason why I signed on to the show and was excited to play these characters is because of how much the writers are giving me to work with. Both characters are so dynamic in different ways. I get to explore so much humanity with Sam and what it means to be a mother and to protect what she’s built. And with Reign, she’s just so powerful and so fierce and so fun.

There’s a very fun Jekyll and Hyde quality to Sam and Reign.

Yeah, that’s what I love about it. Sam has no idea that she’s Reign, and it’s so heartbreaking to see her desperation and seeing that unfold throughout the season. It’s really dynamic.

Is it ever difficult to hop back and forth between the headspace of the two characters?

I thought it was going to be difficult to jump between the two, but in my mind they’re not connected at all. One of them is one thing and the other is something completely different so I’ve separated them completely in my head that they don’t bleed into each other at all.

We’ve seen a bit of Sam’s humanity bleed over into Reign. Can you tease anything about their internal conflict in the episodes to come?

I will say that there is a turn, and you’ll see it very soon. It has to do with Sam exploring and really digging into what’s going on with her body.

Sam finally confided in Alex that something is wrong with her. Are the two of them going to continue working on figuring out what’s wrong with her alone or is she going to loop in Kara and Lena?

Right now Sam’s in a place of desperation. She’s going to turn to whoever she can to find answers. She’s on a mission to find out what’s going on and she’ll enlist whoever she needs.

Ruby has to be catching on that there is something wrong with her mom.

Yeah, Ruby is a really smart cookie. Kids are intuitive, and Ruby knows that something’s going on with her mother. Sam is fiercely trying to protect her daughter, and that also comes to a head.

Another Worldkiller, Purity, is making her appearance in this week’s episode. How does Reign factor in with her?

I don’t think that Reign feels threatened at all by Purity. When she sees her it’s a moment of “There’s my sister, there’s my ally.” She can train her, and this completes her. Reign knows that finding Purity is one step closer to domination.